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The Center is set up in Turin (IT) and supported by a global network of partners, with the ambition and objective to collect and share all good practices, solutions, studies and practical information about circular economy as applied to the coffee value chain, from the coffee farming to the coffee consumption and disposal.

Circular economy in Coffee

By gathering know-how related to circularity in the coffee sector, the Center aims to make it accessible to a diverse group of stakeholders: companies, associations, universities, institutions, as well as local communities and other coffee stakeholders. Through a collaborative approach, the Center will enhance the environmental, social, cultural, and economic sustainability of the coffee system and will assist coffee stakeholders through knowledge transfer and mobilization of resources for the adaptation and implementation of circular solutions, while promoting the acceleration of the Circular Economy in the coffee sector.


To have access to a global knowledge network and to have the chance to implement circular solutions and pilot projects related to Circular Economy to build a more resilient, sustainable and profitable business.


To be at the forefront to sponsor the first global Circular Economy Coffee Center and to support new initiatives that will help accelerate the Circular Economy in the coffee sector.


To convene a scientific network with coffee sector experts, while proposing new initiatives and taking inspiration from the projects already exposed on the Center platform.


To help spread the knowledge around Circular Economy in the coffee sector by sharing knowledge, expertise, and proposing new initiatives.